Blogging has become a passion for me. I like to think of myself as an artist. It has not always been that way. I was asked to withdraw from a writing class by my college professor when I was a freshman. I have my bachelor of arts degree. My emphasis on the arts was really due to my avoidance of math. My major is Exercise Sports Science. (a fancy word for PE teacher) I wrote a paper in college called “The Art of Faking It.” It was about PE teachers teaching in areas they had no clue. Do you remember the coach in your history, health, or drivers education class?

I am not here to teach the art of faking blogging. Blogging is a skill-set that requires due diligence. It can become addicting. I am always looking in the “books for newbies” section at the local bookstore. I am referring to new marketers trying out blogging for the first time. You may even tried some time ago and want to continue.

One of my favorite movies is “What About Bob?” with Bill Murray. Bill’s character says there are two kinds of people; you either love Neil Diamond or you can’t stand him. I have to admit that I really do enjoy Neil Diamond songs. (you should hear me sing “Sweet Caroline” at a karaoke bar when everybody is drunk) I am going to make you a top 10 list “There are two kinds of bloggers.” Which blogger are you?

1. You either be yourself and have some fun (tell your own stories even when you flunk a class) or, be like everybody else losing readers.

2. One blogger creates good content (Doing research on your topic) while the other blogger doesn’t seem to care about his/her audience.

3. You can enlighten your readers with a different point of view (Elvis reads your blog) or, you can talk about your cat. (sorry cat lovers)

4. My favorite blogger type entertains. (Telling a funny story about their cat) My least favorite type thinks they are the next Bill Murray.

5. You either write at least twice each week, (Let your audience know you are alive) or you can go to blogger’s outer darkness. (popular place)

6. One blogger educates through writing top 10 lists or how to’s. The other forgets why they are actually blogging in the first place.

7. Don’t promote yourself. (posting ads on your blog page) or, you can eat garlic and watch people run for the hills.

8. Blogger #1 promotes others that create quality work. Blogger #2 thinks blasting someone helps them climb the ladder.

9. You either look for timeless articles (can be read next year) or, you can write about Y2K.

10. One blogger stays on task, finds their strengths, (I prefer writing articles and SEO) or you can find yourself spread so thin that you accomplish nothing. BLOG AWAY MY FRIEND!

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