Thinking about buying Ugg boots? Looking at the boot that has made its mark on mainstream fashion culture we see three different kinds of people; there are those that love them and can imagine living with a pair of “uggs” as they are called – those that hate them, for the most part because they are so huge in mainstream culture, and there are those that simply don’t understand the benefit this kind of boot could ever have. Reading this article you’ll catch a glimpse of the history that brought this boot into existence, you’ll understand why they’ve become so popular and what it is about this boot that no other boot can compare to.


Ugg boots are most popular for being made entirely of sheepskin, in this they keep your feet warm, dry, and to be honest it’s better than walking with insoles any day. They were first developed during World War 1 being used by aviators flying at high pressure altitudes, they continued to be worn all throughout World War 2 making their mark on other cultures for their benefits. Originally created and designed in Australia they came back on the market in the late 1950’s early 1960s to be worn by surfers who would use them to warm there feet post riding.

Ugg boots have made a large impact impact on the fashion world, they have been around for almost a decade and yet they are still worn today, perhaps more than ever. Ugg boots are created with a unique twin faced sheepskin – meaning the sheepskin is treated on both the inside and outside allowing a more breathable material. Many people aren’t aware of this but Ugg boots are best worn barefoot, able to keep the wearer comfortable in up to -30 degree temperatures, moreover sheepskin being water resistant on its own plays a huge role in the practicality of this boot.

One would expect when looking at a pair of these boots that they are heavy and clunky to wear, whereas this is the exact opposite from the truth – Ugg boots are quite light, wearing them feels like you’re wearing slippers, the sheepskin conforms to each individual persons foot uniquely to create a perfect fit all around.

In terms of fashion and the landmark Ugg boots set comes from the appearance of these boots, at face value they look quite hefty – odd, unstylish, however it is this that sparked a revolutionary counter culture in the fashion world. The odd appearance of these boots can be almost reminded of the moon boots, however those were simply too outlandish to stick in this paradigm – where those boots failed the Ugg boots have prospered, it is for their weird look that they are sought after.

Ugg boots are designed as uni-sex boots, however you’ll find more girls wearing them than guys. They are more comfortable than any high heel, and warmer than any boot you can find on the market for their price, they have a positive fashion remark and moreover have been unbelievable worn for centuries. I look forward to seeing how this boot will evolve in the years to come, however keeping up with its past I feel it will only survive as is, perfect for anyone.

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