Set up $100,000 prize money and obtain the world’s greatest computer programmers to place jointly a FX robot. Pick the 24 best ones and run them against one another for 2 months straight. Provide access to anyone and everyone during that time, of the progress and results for that time and what do you get?

The Forex Robot World Cup

Over Recent years, forex trading trading and the forex industry has truly taken off. On a monthly basis, one can find a different foreign exchange robot introduced to the market with tall claims about its potential. There is no way, you as a trader can tell whether the forex trading robot is a real deal or just a different piece of junk hitting the marketplace. And so the obvious answer is to have a contest where all robots are pitted against each over and during a period of time, the most impressive robots will show the most effective results

The FRWC is a global competition between robots from around the globe.The fundamental principle is that all of these are non-commercial robots and none of them has ever been offered for sale before.. There is $150,000 in prizes all up but the primary reward of $100,000 goes to the 1st place getter making the most capital over the allotted period of time.

The results are extremely transparent and updated every 15 minutes for any person to see. There has never been this type of competition and the goal is clear: to uncover a robot that actually works. A competition like this will go a long way to putting an end to shady operators pushing useless robots to the uninitiated in the forex industry.

So as far as this contest, does there appear an easier method to uncover the most effective forex trading robots? None that I know of. This is what the Forex Robot World Cup does, it discovers the very best robot in real life conditions.

This competition surely makes forex traders wish they knew tips on how to program so they could enter for a chance at the prize money. But as I can’t the only thing left for me to do is to follow the contest and see which one will end up on top.


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