“The Quantum Mind Power recording is nothing BUT noise!”. That was the first thing my fiancée told me when I let her listen to the ‘The Morry Method Brainwave Entrainment System’ for the first time. quantumsystem.info 

It was challenging to convince anyone that the Quantum Mind Power recordings are able to create a profound effect on your life. Well at least, it was especially difficult for me to persuade my fiancée to give this program a fair try. More so when she gave me that puzzled look when I told her that the Quantum Mind Power system was developed by a certified brainwave entrainment specialist.

I can understand that look perfectly as I was in the same position myself when I first heard about the amazing technology of the Quantum Mind Power system. And I am pretty sure even if you have heard of the brainwaves entrainment program remotely before, you would be wondering the same thing too. Alright, let us break it down to simpler words, shall we?

What exactly is the Quantum Mind Power system?

The Quantum Mind Power system is a series of MP3 recordings that are supposed to train your brainwaves to attain a meditative state of mind also known as the Alpha stage.

It is made up of pulsing sounds and ‘noise’ if you would like to call it, and is responsible for tuning your brainwaves into the right frequency for your Alpha state.

So, what is the Alpha state?

The Alpha state of mind is when you drop a level down from your active consciousness level, which is Beta by the way, and starts to drift off in your thoughts. Examples of Alpha states are when you are driving, taking a shower, reading a book before going to bed, praying and so on.

When you are in Alpha mode, you maintain consciousness level but you are very aware of your surroundings. This is the state where you ‘communicate’ with your subconscious mind with thoughts and affirmative ideas.

The Quantum Mind Power system is designed to help tune your brainwaves pattern to reach Alpha mode at will. The creators of this program believe that the ‘noise’ generated can help to enhance your mental prowess.

It can help you to learn at a faster speed, be more creative, solve problems better, be more focused and improve your intuitive abilities.

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