Opium production in Afghanistan has increased so dramatically that the impacts are expected to be felt on a worldwide level. The efforts of NATO and their “War on Terror” has been considered to be a fruitless war considering that around one million people have died since the war efforts began in 2001. Afghanistan production has increased by some 40 percent and more than a trillion dollars has been spent. Afghanistan heroin remains the main cause of volatility in the country. https://kischmisch.de/

It is unfortunate that the international community has not been able to restrain heroin production in Afghanistan. Right before the US and NATO occupied Afghanistan the Taliban had executed a sanction on poppy growing, saying that it was an anti-Islam action. Still, Afghanistan is responsible for around 90 percent of global opium. This is the same heroin that ends up on the streets. In fact, most of the gross national profit rendered from Afghanistan comes from exporting drugs.

There is no sign of a reduction in the problem either since 2013 will see an additional 3,000 hectares occupying the poppy plants needed to keep the multi-billion dollar heroin industry alive. The locals depend on an income from the opium cultivation but the export is helping the Taliban insurgency thrive.

The US Office of National Drug Control Policy states that in order to make any real progress the funds that source this enterprise must be obstructed. Neither Russia nor the US can come up with a way to handle this since Russia is in favor of exterminating all of the poppy fields but the US seems hesitant.

Currently, the Colombian government in conjunction with the US destroys 200,000 hectares of these plants annually. However, in Afghanistan only 2,000 of the fields are being destroyed. While the US may have had good intentions what is really happening is the harder the US forces the envelope on the Afghani government the more they benefit the Taliban.

Much of the poppy production takes place in areas that are ran by the Taliban so the government and their allies cannot do much because they have very minimal control. In addition, the more force that the US uses to fight cultivation; it only drives up the price, which benefits the Taliban.

There are plans for the US to withdraw from Afghanistan by the next years end and this will not be good news for countries like Russia who have the highest rates of heroin abuse. The war on terror is now going to have an even more difficult time progressing.

Cheryl Hinneburg is the content writer for KLEAN Treatment Center, located in West Hollywood CA. She is also working on her MS in substance abuse counseling. Cheryl has a BBA from Baker College. Cheryl’s specialty is in the field of drug addiction.


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